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Thursday, September 14, 2006
  Zune for Tunes

Mama's on Google News again. "Hmmm you kids are really spoilt for choice now." Mama's mumbling to herself again. "Microsoft is releasing a portable media player for you kids, it allows you to beam your songs from one Zune to another. (Think Wifi) BUT you can only keep it for a supposed 3 days, you've got to buy the songs from the Zune marketplace after that."

"The best part is that the download service is a flat fee! Think about the amount of songs I can download into the Zune without paying on a per song basis!" Mama continued.
Imagine Mama humming away on a stash of 60's music, all day round. Scary.

Oh ya, the Zune comes with a FM receiver, maybe Mama's thinking about the day when the 30 GB harddisk fails, she still got a alternative source of music.

Yep, Mama's always right.

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