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Thursday, September 14, 2006
  Shout Wii!
"Wii!" Mama shouted. Mama looks thrilled. She saw on Google News that Wii will launch in December. "It looks like 'wii' (forgive the pun) should get one when it launches." Mama said thoughtfully.

Mama was rambling on about how the gaming industry is finally coming up with a family console. A gaming console for the whole family. She mentioned about the download service from Wii which she could use to download the nostalgic Nintendo games like Mario.

Hmm, buying a new console to play the same old games does not sound appealing to me. Maybe I should start looking for an old Nintendo console and try to pass it off as Wii and sell it to her.

Ah, I finally see the light. Perhaps it's the controller. She's looking forward to controlling Mario by shaking the controller. She must have realised that the higher she raises up the controller in the air, the higher Mario jumps.

Oh yes, Mama's always right.
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