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Thursday, September 14, 2006
  Zune for Tunes

Mama's on Google News again. "Hmmm you kids are really spoilt for choice now." Mama's mumbling to herself again. "Microsoft is releasing a portable media player for you kids, it allows you to beam your songs from one Zune to another. (Think Wifi) BUT you can only keep it for a supposed 3 days, you've got to buy the songs from the Zune marketplace after that."

"The best part is that the download service is a flat fee! Think about the amount of songs I can download into the Zune without paying on a per song basis!" Mama continued.
Imagine Mama humming away on a stash of 60's music, all day round. Scary.

Oh ya, the Zune comes with a FM receiver, maybe Mama's thinking about the day when the 30 GB harddisk fails, she still got a alternative source of music.

Yep, Mama's always right.

  Shout Wii!
"Wii!" Mama shouted. Mama looks thrilled. She saw on Google News that Wii will launch in December. "It looks like 'wii' (forgive the pun) should get one when it launches." Mama said thoughtfully.

Mama was rambling on about how the gaming industry is finally coming up with a family console. A gaming console for the whole family. She mentioned about the download service from Wii which she could use to download the nostalgic Nintendo games like Mario.

Hmm, buying a new console to play the same old games does not sound appealing to me. Maybe I should start looking for an old Nintendo console and try to pass it off as Wii and sell it to her.

Ah, I finally see the light. Perhaps it's the controller. She's looking forward to controlling Mario by shaking the controller. She must have realised that the higher she raises up the controller in the air, the higher Mario jumps.

Oh yes, Mama's always right.
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
  Life and Steve Irwin
My mama's sobbing today. She says life is really like a vapour, it forms easily and it vanishes just as easily. "Look at Steve Irwin," she says. "He died doing what he have been doing for so many years, understanding sea animals... it's an irony he died under the sting of one of them."

I have great admiration for this guy, he's got a great passion for the things he love doing. It is perhaps a great consolation to those who love him that he died doing what he passionately lived for...

My mama then told me "Life is really short, do things that really matters..."
I must remember what Mama's telling me cos Mama's always right...
My mama reads the news everyday and she's deeply affected by things that she reads. Oh did I mention she's a real techie?

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